Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Does It Mean When John Cena Holds Up 3 Fingers WWE Facts And Information You Should Know (2)?

WWE Facts and Information you should know (2)? - what does it mean when john cena holds up 3 fingers

What do you think things like this and the following:

1. Ernie Ladd was a size 18D fit (more or less)

FCW 2.WWE bought for $ 1 million.

He even invented 3.Hulking Hogan, if they receive transfusions of blood in his eyes and his fingers as he got up, tried to shake the blood with his arms and head. Mean Gene has invented the name.

4.Undertaker eliminated Kurt Angle with restraint MMA real bed. During a flight, is back at Vince and Kurt cleaned and tried to support travel / other (since Kurt Vince DARE) and woke up the Undertaker, Kurt thought it was d 'attack. It took 3 seconds KO angle.

Flair history 5.Ric first retirement in 1983 (LOL)

6.Andre the Giant drank 14 bottlesBeer before his match against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 3rd

WWE 7th The appointment was killed March 30, 2003rd (Vince bought WCW).

Fan Rap Battle 8.John Dinner was known as Kenny Dykstra * * that Dolph Ziggles

A few weeks after the release 9.2 WWE Rob Van Dam, RVD at Burger King long for 1 month.

Snow headed 10.Al humanities model mask (because he says it looks like a supermodel).

What do you think?


kane 316 said...

1 Cool
Sweet 2, I do not know
3 lol
Lol hes 5 was better in 83
6, was drunk
7 2003 expects that in 2001
8 lol
9 I do not see it work
10 AI do not know
is better than 4

sharpsho... said...

8 du, Kenny Dykstra and Dolph Ziggles know are two different fighters right? In the Spirit Squad Kenny Dykstra and Dolph Ziggles this guy on TV with greasy hair and the nameplate for a finisher. Zig Zag.

After I saw that he had asked all his other affairs.

The ACC is Phenomenal said...

Uggh ... Kenny Dykstra and Dolph Ziggles are other people. Kenny has been on Smackdown a few years ago but released when the FMC Ziggles again. Both were members of the team spirit, but was at the same time, Kenny Dykstra, Ziggles was Nicky.

Y-2-Jak... said...


HBK The Showstoppa said...

The number 9 is the best

WOW RVD has worked in a Burger King

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